Saturday, October 15, 2011


 In the winter of 1993 I was sitting in the Kinsella Family's living room when Tim yelled from the kitchen, "Sam, how do you want your name to appear in the liner notes of the record we just made?". 

I instantly yelled back, "Sudden Porthole please!" 

I remember this vividly because it took all of us a moment to digest what I just blurted out...even I had no idea where the words came from or why I wanted to be Sudden Porthole instead of Sam Zurick. 

I had not thought of this alter-ego beforehand, there was no premeditation involved. After I said it and thought about if for a second I immediately fell in love with the idea of a "sudden porthole", and so it stuck and as you can see below I was listed as such. 

Being the smart-ass teenagers we were, Tim and I decided to put my "real" name in the thanks-list. I think we thought it'd be fun to keep people guessing as to who the REAL bass player of Cap'n Jazz was. 

Eventually, Sudden Porthole would find it's way into many other projects I was involved with, I could never let it go. 

I will go into the origins more in my next post, I figure this is enough for now. Thanks for something!

This is the record on which "Sudden Porthole" first appeared. It's Cap'n Jazz's 2nd 7-inch, released on Underdog Records in 1994.

This is the insert from within the above record.