Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Sometimes I forget that THE BEAM happened to me...then I find a bunch of miscellaneous pics of it and my mind splits open just like the first time! 

*Update Time*

I was recently turned on to the concept of crowd-funding websites and am getting my "fundraising campaign" together. It's lots of tedious administrative type work though I remain excited about the possibilities. My van is pointed towards Chicago at the moment - my plan is to write a new record with one of my former bands and then head back to the deserts to make Part 2 (finances permitting). Even if I get ZERO dollars from the crowd-funding endeavor I still plan on cobbling together a Part 2, it would just take a lot longer is all.

Happy 2012?

P.S. Check out my YouTube for some random stuff I've been keeping busy with while sitting in various libraries throughout the country.