Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello from Chicago

Holy wow, so I made it to my hometown after a wild few weeks of odd-jobbing across the country (I got stuck in Missouri, as usual).

Magnificent Chicago skyline.
Just wanted to say I'm back working on Porthole related items now that the Joan of Arc shows are past (for the uninitiated, Joan of Arc is one of the bands I play in while in Chicago).

I have approx. 85 hours to get the fundraiser up and running before I begin working on the next Owls record full-time for the next month and a half (sorry if that sentence had too many disparate references to time-measurement, I'm still getting used to the big-city).

Have a great,

*update* Fundraiser delayed at least 5 days to due to a PayPal related oversight on my part (big fat upside down smiley face). Back to the Owls woodshop...